How to find out if someone is married?

How to find out if someone is married?The question is how to find out if someone is married? Do they have a legal marriage certificate or how do you find out whether your spouse is already married with someone else? What is the proof of marriage or How to find out if someone is married or not?

Do you know the importance of marriage certificate? It is the most important proof of your marriage. It is considered in every government organization for proof of your relation with your spouse. It gives you various rights such as to open joint account in any bank, to have joint insurance policies, joint parental rights of children, joint adoption, crime victims recovery benefits, medical care, joint filing of tax returns, wrongful death benefits for children and surviving partner, and many more. To enjoy all these rights you should go through the legal marriage procedure. It does not mean that you have to get married in front of the court of law. It means you should possess the certificate of marriage. However before that you should find out if your partner is married or not. So, how to find out if someone is married or where to search for such records?

How to find out if someone is married or not? For this you can check the records of marriage. Every state or country has their legal procedures and rules of marriage acceptance. Every country or state has the office of marriage records. The database of the office is open for public through internet online. You can check for marriage registration and the validity of the marriage. In this way How to find out if someone is married. If you have no time you can approach any attorney for How to find out if someone is married.

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You can even approach a private investigator to check the records of marriage but it could cost you money. If your marriage is not registered in the records of marriage, it is your duty to register it first. The marriage certificate is the proof of marriage which is a vital document. Certificate of marriage is demanded by every government organization for proof of joint relationship of both the partner. It is also useful to enjoy certain joint rights provided by law of every state or country.

So it is very easy How to find out if someone is married. The only thing is that you have to pay some amount of money to the attorney to check whether the marriage is registered or not. If not get it registered with correct name of spouse, parent and date and gets it properly signed and stamped today itself. For this private detectives or attorney will charge nominal fee ranging from 20 dollars to 50 dollars which is quite a lot of money when you know research can be easily done personally by searching the public database for marriage records.

Checking online or through the staff of office of marriage records or through attorney, etc are the various ways to know How to find out if someone is married and whether they possess legal license for the same or not.

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